7 generic medications like Stendra men can’t stand in a relationship

Of course, the huge list of generic medications can be made from the fact that women do not like in a relationship, for example Stendra pills from https://viaqx.com/erectile-dysfunction/avana/. But if you are interested not just in exchanging claims, but in the real improvement of existing or future relationships, you should listen to what often infuriates men.

1. You put a man on a pedestal

Moreover – you demand the same from him. Sometimes women in their love dissolve so much that in their lives there is no interest other than the products for men health (such as Levitra) from licenced internet pharmacies. And they are very offended when a man does not show such devotion. No one is obliged to meet your expectations and fulfill your demands. Of course, everyone wants to be welcome, but without fanaticism. A rare man chooses the one that makes her the meaning of his life. Literally.

2. You pretend to be a fool

Often women resort to this reception because of years of the imposed stereotype that men do not like smart and strong women. In fact, they are even more nervous about affordable brand name meds who pretend to be a fool, innocently clap their eyes, squint and speak with a squeaky voice. Especially when it makes a young lady “far beyond” who has obvious great life experience. Not everyone wants to play daddy and babysit with an older “girl.” A smart, wise woman, outwardly and internally corresponding to her age, attracts much more.

3. You use passive aggression

Instead of explaining in accessible language what exactly you are not satisfied with. It’s just not fair to expect a person to read your mind and act aggressively if he fails.

4. You “live” online

In this men annoying almost everything: from the details of your relationship, which you certainly put on the network, to the inability to get off the phone, even if you are sitting in a restaurant during a romantic dinner. Men do not like to lose, and even more so they do not like competition with gadgets for their attention.

5. You are fixated only on yourself

Even if you believe in the theory that in any relationship one – loves, and the other – only accepts love. No man will tolerate selfishness. Remember: in a relationship you can’t just be a consumer. You have to be able to give.

6. You constantly complain

But if these days turn into weeks, months, years, if complaints become a style of communication – it’s terribly tiring.

7. You’re trying to make him jealous

This technique has always worked poorly. And the older the man gets, the less likely he is to pay attention to you after that. Do you want to be noticed or paid a little more attention? Flirt with your man, not with strangers.