Catering & Food on the Go Guides

Our custom catering keeps us very busy at Fish Hawk Acres. Our catering schedule stays packed throughout the year, taking delicious food, staff and expertise to far corners of the area.  We have prepared food for special events in Pittsburgh, D.C. and numerous cities and fields across the region.  Seriously, we can provide specialized catering in any place from small offices and meeting rooms to large hay fields.

Our signature Appalachian Fare, which is quite simply global cuisines infused with local ingredients embodying a regional interpretation, is something you won’t find anywhere else.  You will see that our catering menu features cuisine from all cultures, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Greek, Indian, Spanish, Cuban, and Germany, just to name a few. We customize each menu specific to our customers needs. Here are a few photos of past catering gigs!

Take a look at our Catering Guide to help you decide which option is best for you and your guests, Full Service Catering or Pick Up or Delivery – be aware that this is not all inclusive of foods we are able to prepare – it is meant to get the conversation going:

The “Off Site Catering” services is for Full Service Catering with our Fish Hawk Acres catering staff.  Our staff will service and refresh the buffet / station and assists guest during the dining period for our delicious food we bring to you for your special event.

We also offer our delicious foods for Pick Up or Delivery.  Food is prepared and packaged for you and your guests in disposable containers.   Minimums do apply.

Please note – Prices are not guaranteed until a menu is created and presented for your event.  Prices and availability are subject to change as environmental and global market factors dictate.  Contact the catering office to discuss your menu.

2020 Catering Guide


Prices and Availability are Subject to Change Without Notice.

You may also place large orders, In Advance, Minimum of 2 hours (or more) is necessary from our Daily Special Menu.

Catering Contact Information:

Phone: 304-473-7890 (please leave a message)

Email: catering@fishhawkacreswv.com