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Chef Dale Hawkins and Teresa Lipps offer a place where people can come and be graciously served wonderful food in a comfortable setting.

Our market specializes in delicious baked goods, including Gluten Free desserts and breads.

We offer a wide range of delicious cheeses. Stop by and let us slice some for you.


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Fish Hawk Acres is a home grown business that draws on products from local family farms, while at the same time it takes advantage of increased availability of specialty foods from across the globe. We offer a quaint market / cafe in downtown Buckhannon offering daily specials for lunch and dinner, with everything made at the market. Our Grab & Go coolers features fresh meals to go, salads and desserts.  The fresh bakery selections change daily with homemade cookies, scones, muffins, cupcakes, tarts and our famous homemade pepperoni rolls.   We also prepare a wide variety of Gluten Free baked goods and breads.  Catering is our specialty, we are able to cater small intimate settings to larger gatherings, offering full service to self serve buffets – each menu is custom designed for the client.